Lost wells are unfortunately not that uncommon and it sounds like you have already contacted the Watermaster in your area. Normally, they are the go to for these mysteries and it sounds like you have one of the wells that isn't cooperating.

My first question is "Is the well still active and providing water to the house or is it an irrigation well?"

Second, this link gives you some idea of what to look for physically on the property to start uncovering clues to the well head location. Also, if you have the opportunity to ask adjacent neighbors they can be a wealth of information about where items were located on the property. For example, if an original house/barn was burned down or moved the well may be closer to that location than to where a current house or barn is situated. Older wells have well heads below ground and frequently accidentally get covered up.

If the well is still active whether at a house or faucet, I have had clients begin the tedious process of digging back the pipes until they found the well head. Good luck in your search.

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