Will canning lids be available soon?


It is still early in the season and I know that Ball and Kerr lids are being manufactured and sent out regularly so my suggestion is to check stores that carry canning supplies near you.  I check every time that I am in a grocery store, feed store, hardware store to see if they have any in.  I have found them once in a while and there is usually a limit on them.  Walmart, BiMart, Wilco Farm Store, Coastal Farm and many of the True Value Hardware stores are good places to look.  Tell your friends and neighbors to check as well.  I am noticing that there are a lot more jars appearing on the shelves so hopefully lids will follow.  

Be aware of some of the lids that are being sold on the internet because I have heard that people have reported sealing problems and there are some that are advertised as Ball and Kerr but when they arrive they are a generic lid.  

Hopefully by summer there will be a better supply available.  You might also ask the store when shipment is expected.  I know some stores are willing to share that information with their customers. 

Sorry I can't be of more help.  I too am looking for lids and sometimes lucky to find a box or two.

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