Will mushroom or worms help remediate herbides?


Glyphosate (Roundup) is not considered a persistent herbicide. Depending on rainfall and temperature, glyphosate is considered to be ineffective after 6 weeks.

Perhaps you are thinking of clopyralid. Washington State University has a comprehensive website about clopyralid. Drs. Cogger and Bary compiled and wrote the content on that website. I have co-authored a number of publications with them, and consider them very trustworthy. Here is a document they prepared about testing compost for clopyralid.

That paper provides an easy and low-cost test you can conduct yourself if you have concerns about the compost to which you have access (lucky you!). I used a similar test as a method for my masters work on municipal-scale compost about 20 years ago. I recommend it.

I, too, have gardened organically for more than 30 years, in Benton County. I appreciate the rigor you apply to your gardening and composting practices. I would not hesitate to use the mushroom substrate. Still, out of respect for your concerns, I recommend the test devised by Drs. Cogger and Bary.

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