Better Bones & Balance® DVD

The Better Bones & Balance® DVD includes an overview of the program, instructions for weighted vest use, exercise demonstrations and a full 50-minute BBB exercise class!

  • Instruction is provided at 3 levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced
  • DVD length is approximately, 96 minutes

How do I get a copy?

You can order a hardcopy DVD or download a digital copy of the DVD content anytime


  1. Go to the Better Bones & Balance download site.
  2. You will register, pay and then be able to watch the DVD content on-demand anytime you log-in OR download the DVD content and save it to your device for watching at anytime.


CREDIT CARD PAYMENT (for a hardcopy DVD mailed to you):

  1. Go to the OSU Marketplace BBB store site.
  2. Choose to place an individual order (1 or 2 DVDs) at $15 each with free shipping OR choose to place a bulk order (3+ DVDs) at $12 each with free shipping.
  3. NOTE: We cannot fulfill international orders. There may be additional charges for shipments outside the continental USA.
  4. You will receive an email when your order has processed and DVD has shipped. This may take 5-10 business days.


CHECK/MONEY ORDER PAYMENT (for a hardcopy DVD mailed to you)

  1. Download the DVD Order Form here and print. 
  2. Fill out the DVD Order Form completely!
  3. Mail your completed DVD Order Form, with payment to the address indicated on the form.
  4. You will be emailed confirmation that your order has been processed at the email address you provide on your DVD Order Form.