Herb Huddleston and Gerald F. Kling
MANUAL 6 | Published November 1996, Reviewed 2013


Covers soil basics such as soil formation, horizons, properties (including textural classes), profiles, site characteristics and evaluation, and the influences of soil characteristics on management decisions. Provides interpretation guides for permeability, water and wind erosion, drainage feasibility, irrigation suitability, most intensive crop, erosion control practice, and septic tank drainfields. Includes information on how to set up and run a soil judging contest, camera-ready master sheets for soil judging scorecards and interpretation guides, a list of both the old and revised nomenclature for soil horizons, and a glossary of terms. Contains 34 figures and 16 color plates of soil profiles.

Preview available online. Full version available to purchase. Note: The perfect-bound version with glossy cover is out of stock. For a reduced price, you may purchase a high-resolution copy with color cover, color plates of soil profiles, and black/white text pages bound with a heavy-duty staple in the upper left corner.

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Herb Huddleston
Gerald F. Kling

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