Nutrient Management for Onions in the Pacific Northwest

Dan M. Sullivan, Bradford D. Brown, Clinton Shock, Donald A. Horneck, Robert G. Stevens, Gary Q. Pelter and Erik Feibert
PNW 546 | Published February 2001, Reviewed 2020


This publication is designed to assist growers and crop advisors in producing a high-quality crop while protecting the environment from excess nutrients. Contains information on how onions grow; timing and amount of crop nutrient uptake; keys to managing nitrogen efficiently; ways to monitor crop N status during the growing season; how to assess the need for P, K, S, and micronutrient fertilization; fertilizer sources and application methods; and how to assess the need for lime on sandy soils in the Columbia Basin.

About the authors

Bradford D. Brown
Soil and Cereal Crop Management Extension Specialist
University of Idaho
Donald A. Horneck
Extension agronomist
Oregon State University
Robert G. Stevens
Extension soil scientist
Washington State University
Gary Q. Pelter
Area extension agent
Grant-Adams counties, Washington State University

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