Photo by Kara Baylog

Living with fire: A guide for homeowners

This guide is a comprehensive primer for homeowners and landowners to prepare and respond to wildfires.


How to make your home and property fire-safe

Kris Babbs (Keep Oregon Green) and Tom Fields (Oregon Department of Forestry) show you the treatments necessary to help make your home and surrounding property more resilient from a possible fire. Fire can originate in the forest, or even on your own property. Creating your fire safe plan may take a unique approach, because your topography, climate, and surrounds are unique to you and your land. To help make a plan, feel free to contact Keep Oregon Green, the Oregon Department of Forestry or an OSU-extension forester.


Citizen Fire Academy is a collaborative education and service program designed to increase the outreach capacity of fire agencies and ultimately to maintain and enhance fire-adapted communities. Citizen Fire Academy encourages implementation of defensible space and other Firewise practices and builds human capacity to deal with wildfire through education and volunteer service.

Learn more about the programs we offer under the Citizen Fire Academy Program.

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