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Sourcing Your Tree Seed and Seedlings for the Future

BLM's Horning Tree Seed Orchard

27004 S. Sheckly Rd
Colton, OR 97017
United States

Thu, Sep 26, 2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Free, registration is required.
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Jean Bremer
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Join us for an exciting look into the world of tree breeding and seed orchards, supplying seed for trees of the future. Horning Tree Seed Orchard was established in 1964 and provides genetically improved seed for BLM and private orchard cooperators under contract. Over 200 acres are dedicated to production of conifer seeds.

Participants will:

  • Compare local “woods-run” Douglas-fir trees side by side with superior selected strains
  • Find out how superior genetic stock is developed
  • Understand practices to enhance seed production
  • Learn about management of conifer seed orchard trees
  • Inspect seed orchard stands of major conifer species.

Representatives from the BLM and OSU will discuss the past and future of genetically improved vs. “woods-run” trees.  See the cone drying shed and greenhouses with state-of-the-art computer controlled environmental control systems where grafted conifer clones are acclimating and seedling rootstocks are growing. Visit the Genetic Gains Trial site on nearby Port Blakely land and inspect growth differences among 24 year old Douglas-fir, genetically selected vs. “woods-run”.

The tour involves about 1 mile of walking on relatively flat but uneven ground with rocks and branches. Wear proper footwear and dress for the weather. Bring a lunch, snacks and water. Also be prepared to carpool on gravel roads at site.


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