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OSU Sea Grant Publication

Caring for Coral at Hatfield Marine Science Center's Visitor Center

This video explains how the aquarists monitor the lighting, water flow, water chemistry and nutrition in tanks with corals to ensure that they grow into colorful colonies.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Caring for new and sick animals at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

This video explains how new and sick animals are quarantined and treated in the behind-​the-​scenes area known as the west wing.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Caring for Octopuses at Hatfield Marine Science Center's Visitor Center

This video explains how the giant Pacific octopus on display is housed, fed, and kept active with toys.

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4-H surf clubs and camps promote environmental stewardship and physical activity

Jul 15, 2014
OSU's 4-H Surfing Outdoor Stewardship Program introduces kids to a sport that not only builds their physical fitness but also helps them develop stronger relationships with the ocean and their communities

News Story

Rubber wristbands show pollution in air, water and food

Mar 25, 2014
Oregon State University scientists have created a fashion accessory that doubles as a pollution detector.

News Story

Gardeners can be citizen scientists with Project Budburst

Apr 25, 2008
Here’s how to help scientists track climate change in "Project BudBurst."

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Rock on! Is this a classic rock or something else?

I'm currently a student at OSU and during one of my soil digs in my back yard my wife found a rock and she has since been wanting to know what it is and can't figure it out. Just curious if anyone can tell me from a far what type of rock this is? It is not magnetic but is fairly heavy for its size....