Rock on! Is this a classic rock or something else?

I'm currently a student at OSU and during one of my soil digs in my back yard my wife found a rock and she has since been wanting to know what it is and can't figure it out. Just curious if anyone can tell me from a far what type of rock this is? It is not magnetic but is fairly heavy for its size. it is very strong given that I couldn't break it.

Hi - Your address is Umatilla County .. is that where your wife found this lovely river rounded cobble??!! It appears to be a quartzite cobble.   

It could also be pure quartz but it has the look of quartzite. Very resistant to weathering. With the Ice Age floods, a variety of rocks not local to NE Oregon/SE Washington were deposited by the floods. On top of this, we see evidence of a huge Bonneville flood that came down the Snake River bringing all sorts of rocks. My bet is, this rock came from the east via one of the huge floods. I'm sure someone on campus in the geology department could add to the story. What a great find!!

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