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Managing Coastal Forests

OSU Extension Catalog

Managing Woodlands in the Coastal Fog Belt

Landowners face special challenges and opportunities managing woodlands in Oregon's coastal fog belt. This publication discusses forest management treatments that allow you to achieve your goals in this fast-growing environment.

By Stephen Fitzgerald, Valerie Elder, Norma Kline

Sudden Oak Death Citizen Science Volunteers needed.  Are you interested in helping to prevent the spread of Sudden Oak Death? Reserve your spot in the Early Detection of Sudden Oak Death Using Bucket and Stream Baits. Shawna at 541-572-5263.

Rapid tests

Norma Kline

Attend a workshop, conference, or field tour.

Join us for a forest management series, a one-day forest health field tour, or one of our many other educational offerings.

Norma Kline

Sudden Oak Death News and Information

OSU Extension Catalog

Sudden Oak Death: Prevention, Recognition, Restoration

A guide for homeowners, small woodland owners, resource managers, and conservation groups to recognize, prevent, and manage Sudden Oak Death.This publication can be downloaded in two different formats. The "PDF" button will provide a 12-page, 8.5-inch-by-11-inch PDF. The supplemental file is...

By Norma Kline, Dave Shaw

Protect what you care about.

The Fire Program and the Citizen Fire Academy, Ties to the Land succession planning, and forest health offerings are all tailored to help you keep your property safe from wildfire or insect and disease outbreaks, and to build a legacy for future generations.

Photo by Carrie Berger

Protect Your Home From Wildfire

OSU Extension Catalog

Keeping Your Home and Property Safe from Wildfire: A Defensible Space and Fuel Reduction Guide for Homeowners and Landowners

This publication provides help for homeowners who want to reduce the wildfire risk around their homes or on their forest property by creating defensible space.

By Kara Baylog, Max Bennett, Stephen Fitzgerald

Plant Fire Resistant Landscape Plants

OSU Extension Catalog

Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

As homeowners continue to build in the wild and urban interface, they must take special precautions to protect their homes. One way to do this is to create a defensible space around the home, and one important factor can be using fire-resistant plants in landscaping. While taking actions to create a...

By Stephen Fitzgerald, Amy Jo Detweiler

Explore Oregon’s forests with us.

Participate in science-based learning experiences that help you appreciate Oregon's diverse forest ecosystems and make informed decisions regarding forest policy and management. For example, our Master Naturalist Program offers opportunities to learn about the natural history of plants, animals, habitats, geology, culture, as well as the most relevant topics in sustainable natural resource management.

Find your people.

Our community-based groups, such as the Women Owning Woodlands Network and Master Woodland Manager Program, get together to learn with – and from – other landowners who value Oregon’s forests and communities.

Photo by Carrie Berger

Dig into our educational resources

Our catalog includes dozens of free publications, videos, webinars, and podcasts, covering a wide variety of topics, such as forest health, forest management planning, and estate and succession planning.