COVID-19 resumption status

OSU Extension resumption planning

As part of OSU’s resumption planning, OSU Extension is beginning a gradual resumption of in-person programming and onsite work and activities at each of our statewide locations.

Prioritizing safety and success, OSU Extension’s plans comply with:

  • Oregon State University Onsite Activity Resumption Plan
  • State Executive Orders
  • Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) Guidance for the Conduct of In-Person Instructional, Residential, and Research Activities at Oregon Colleges and Universities (Note: The in-person instruction requirements do not apply to Extension)
  • OHA industry-specific guidance, including for in-person instruction
  • Local health authority requirements

In some cases, OSU policy may be more restrictive than state or local guidance. The university’s policies and resumption plans apply to all employees, university-sponsored activities and volunteers acting in their capacity as representatives of OSU.

The Vice Provost for Extension and Engagement, in consultation with university leadership, approves when each OSU Extension location will move into a new level and phase of resumption. These decisions are made within OSU’s resumption framework plan and are based on local conditions. Status subject to change based on executive order, local conditions, and county resumption phase and level.

Photo by Stephen Ward.

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