Recordings of the Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum

During the growing season, the Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center has been facilitating a series of meetings called the Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum with the intent to provide timely and accurate information to hemp growers in Jackson, Josephine, and Douglas counties. The events have been recorded and those recordings can be found at the links below.


  • April Meeting Recording
    • 2:34 - Sunny Summers, ODA Cannabis Policy Coordinator - Hemp Policy Update
    • 37:03 - Emily Roque, ODA Hemp Testing Specialist - Hemp Registration & Testing for 2021
    • 55:10 - Seth Crawford, Co-Founder OregonCBD - Triploid Hemp
    • 1:20:55 - Emily Gogol, CEO of Infinite Tree - How to Start Great Plants
  • May Meeting Recording
    • 6:22 - Shuresh Ghimire, University of Connecticut - Selecting and Using Biodegradable Mulch
    • 43:21 - Jeremiah Leonard, Rogue Bear Farm - Growing Hemp Without Plastic Mulch
    • 1:06:49 - Ryan Sandler, National Weather Service Medford - Rogue Valley Weather Outlook
    • 1:30:45 - Scott Prose, Oregon Water Resources Department - Water Rights and the 2020 Water Rights Audit
  • June Meeting Recording
    • 0:00 - Gordon Jones, OSU SOREC - Introduction, Oregon Hemp Acreage, and Basics of Soil Erosion
    • 17:42 - Beth Pietrzak, ODA - Oregon Agricultural Water Quality Rules
    • 41:19 - Meghan Montgomery, JSWCD - Services & Programs of Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District
    • 1:04:38 - Biswanath Dari, OSU KBREC - Basics of Soil Testing
    • 1:35:37 - Gordon Jones, OSU SOREC - Review of Hemp Fertility Research
  • July Meeting Recording
    • 1:08 - Clint Shock - OSU Professor Emeritus - Summary of hemp irrigation trials in Ontario, OR
    • 42:47 - Kenneth Frost - OSU HAREC - A review of the diseases of hemp in Oregon
    • 1:24:51 - Govinda Shrestha - OSU SOREC - Overview of hemp insect pests
  • August Meeting Recording
    • 4:38 - Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, A Hemp Insect Discussion - Corn Earworm
    • 39:46 - Kristie Buckland, OSU NWREC, Hemp Pollination
    • 1:21:54 - Richard Roseberg, OSU SOREC, Irrigation Effects onHemp Biomass, Cannabinoids, and Water Use Efficiency
  • September Meeting Recording
    • 4:05 - Ryan Sandler, National Weather Service Medford, Harvest Season Weather Update
    • 31:21 - Emily Roque, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Rules and Reminders about Pre-Harvest Testing
    • 1:12:30 - Gordon Jones, OSU SOREC, Cannabinoid Accumulation & Harvest Timing


"I just wanted to say that I have been to a ton of hemp seminars, and forums, and that was by far the best, most informative, well organized, educational, thought provoking, (etc.)! By leaps and bounds! Thank You" - J. in Merlin, OR

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