Pasture and Grazing Management Resources for Small Farms

Forage production is of primary importance to Oregon's livestock enterprises and agriculture economy. Pastures are kept in good condition by controlling weeds, fertilizing and most importantly, managing livestock. Implementing pasture management and grazing principles will increase forage yield and quality, provide a healthier place for livestock and improve farm aesthetics.

The Sins of Overgrazing

An informational presentation that lists and explains the disadvantages of overgrazing in pastures.

By Steve Fransen | Presentation

Managing Small-Acreage Horse Farms for Green Pastures, Clean Water, and Healthy Horses

Discusses basic management strategies for managing horses and pastures. Covers rain gutters, sacrifice areas, buffer strips, pasture rotation, well water protection, and manure management.

By Garry Stephenson, Maggie Livesay, David Hannaway, Linda Brewer | OSU Extension Catalog

Managing Small-Acreage Horse Farms in Central and Eastern Oregon

This publication presents a system for managing horses, pastures, and manure that will make your farm safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It is intended for horse farms from 1 to 10 acres in the high dry regions of eastern and central Oregon.

By Garry Stephenson, Peter Schreder, David Hannaway, Melissa Fery, Linda Brewer, Mylen Bohle | OSU Extension Catalog

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