The Oregon State University Extension Service in Umatilla and Morrow Counties works with citizens, as well as partnering natural resource agencies, to promote management practices that are consistent with improving rangeland health for multiple uses (e.g., recreation, wildlife, and livestock).

Monitoring is a process that land managers can use to assess how management decisions affect rangeland and natural resource health.  If you are interested in a rangeland monitoring workshop, please contact Umatilla/Morrow County Livestock and Rangeland Extension Agent Chris Schachtschneider.  The extension office has rangeland monitoring kits that private landowners can borrow after receiving monitoring training.

OSU Extension Umatilla and Morrow County Rangeland Monitoring Kits include:

A. 1-Tool Box with tray

B. 1-CoolPix AW110 GPS Camera

C. 1-Portable Desktop/Clipboard

D. 1-Garmin eTrex 10 GPS

E. 1-100’ ProTape

F. 2-Stakes (red and white)

G. 1-Corona Grass Shear

H. 2-6’ Tekton Folding Ruler

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