Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

Photo Name Expertise Location Program
Thumbnail Dana Martin Regional Administrator - Central Oregon Region
Katie Ahern Family Community Health/SNAP-Ed
Thumbnail Mylen Bohle Forage
Pastures and Forages
Brandi Borton SNAP-Ed Education Program Asst I
Candi Bothum County Leader
Shelly Creach 4-H Office Specialist 1
Thumbnail Tim Deboodt Agriculture
Amy Jo Detweiler Horticulture
Karissa Dishon 4-H Youth Development
Scott Duggan Livestock
Kaitlin Greene SNAP-Ed Education Program Asst I
Kimberly Griffiths Administrative Program Asst
Glenda Hyde Family & Community Health
Ashley Joyce SNAP-Ed Education Program Asst I
Holly Lyons Office Manager
Reaza Mansur 4-H Education Program Assistant II
Thumbnail Rosie Skinner 4-H Education Program Asst II
Carrie Smith Office Specialist II
Toni Stephan Horticulture
Thumbnail Nicole Strong Forestry
Thumbnail Clare Sullivan Small Farms and Community Food Systems
David White State 4-H Outdoor Education & Recreation