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Best Field First: a forage planning series

1134 SE Douglas Ave, PO Box 1165
Roseburg, OR 97470
United States

Livestock & Forages office

Aug 9 - Sep 20, 2023
Classes will be held every other Wednesday from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
In person or online options

Session I
August 9, 2023 - Using potential & current forage yields in management decisions. May be viewed later as a recording.

Session II (prerequisite - Session I)
August 23, 2023 - Work session II a. with the instructor
September 6, 2023 - Work session II b. with the instructor
Appointments to work on Session II a. and b. outside of regular session times are available upon request.

Session III
September 6, 2023 - Access supplemental information on your own

Session IV
September 20, 2023 - Landowner Conservation Programs. May be viewed live streaming or later as a recording.


Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by Aug 2, 2023 to Shelby Filley: [email protected] or 541-672-4461

This educational program assists forage producers in making decisions on managing pastures and hay grounds. Topics include using maps to determine physical soil properties, estimate current and potential production, and form management units. This information is then used to take soil samples for fertility testing and to make agronomic, and economic input decisions. Part of this process includes the option of selecting to focus work on your best field first. This can help producers prioritize funding for inputs and time spent on multiple fields. At the completion of the program custom reports will be provided which will be useful in future classes and consultations on forage production.

  • The class is scheduled to occur in three or four sessions including an introductory presentation viewed in real time or as a recording, supplemental information to be reviewed on the participants’ own time, work session(s) as a group or one-on-one with the instructors, and a presentation on cost-share programs for agricultural fields.
  • No refunds. Join upcoming classes at no additional charge
  • Repeats twice yearly (Summer and Winter)

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