Rick Obst

Native Tree Walk - FULL

Elkton Community Education Center

15850 State Hwy 38 W
Elkton, OR 97436
United States

Greenhouse Patio

Oct 11, 2019 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

$25 per couple (book included & sharing materials) or $10 per couple (no book, sharing materials). Registration required by Oct. 7th!

Contact for questions and requests for accessibility-related accomodations
Alicia Christiansen

Trouble distinguishing white and black oaks? Wondering if that huge cedar is an incense, Port-Orford, or Western red? The more you know about your trees, the better you can care for them and improve their overall health. This workshop will give you all the tricks of the trade to identify the native trees in Douglas County – even the look-a-likes! We will also discuss the tree’s life characteristics, so you know how to give your trees what they need to stay healthy. 

This class is for adults and teens only. Please, no dogs.

Includes a copy of the book Trees to Know in Oregon. Registration fee is $10 if you don’t want a copy of the book.

Please register by October 7th!

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