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Spring into Gardening 2024

Phoenix Charter School

3131 NE Diamond Lake Blvd
Roseburg, OR 97470
United States

Mar 9, 2024 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

$25.00 to attend, additional $15.00 for the apple grafting class

Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by Feb 26, 2024 to Logan Bennett: [email protected] or 541-236-3015
  • 8:30-8:50 am - Check-in
  • 9:00-10:15 am - Keynote: Logan Bennett
    • Garden Soil: It’s ALL about soil! Most people only have a vague idea of what soil is and how it works. You will learn more than you ever thought possible from this lecture. The reason you are alive, what nutrients are, how soil stores water and nutrients. The fundamentals that ALL humans on the planet Earth should know!
  • 10:30-11:45 am - Session One
    • A. Down Low on Dahlias: Elva Sellens, Douglas County Master Gardener. Learn about the basics of growing and caring for varieties of dahlias in the Umpqua Valley.
    • B. Garden tools and their Maintenance: Fred Alley, Doulas County Master Gardener. This presentation will showcase all the necessary garden tools you will need in your garden shed. Tool protection and maintenance will also be covered.
    • C. Saving Your Vegetable Seeds: Bruce Gravens, Douglas County Master Gardener. We will discuss saving vegetable seeds in general, dealing with cross-pollination, when to collect, and how to clean and store seeds. We will do a deep dive into collecting pepper and tomato seeds.
    • D. Container Gardening-10 Steps for Successful Container Gardening for Beginners: Katie Baxter, Douglas County Extension 4-H. This class will cover all the basics to get you started with a successful container garden.
  • 11:45 am-12:45 pm - Lunch Break (on your own)
  • 12:45-2:00 pm - Session Two
    • E. Lively Lawns: Kenn Parry, Douglas County Master Gardener. Caring for new and existing lawns.
    • F. Let’s Talk Succulents: Ann Severson, Douglas County Master Gardener. Learn how to identify which plants are indoor and outdoor and tricks on how to keep them alive. The class will play a game helping them identify plants. Everyone will leave with a succulent as a gift.
    • G. Native Plants in the City Garden: Julie Burchard. The buzz is out. Planting native plants helps support our critical native pollinators. Are you an urban gardener wanting to dive in, but wondering about the feasibility of native plantings in small spaces? This class will provide some basics on the feasibility, considerations, and lovely rewards for adding native plants to even the tiniest urban yards.
    • H. Growing and Caring for Fruits and Berries in the Home Garden: Logan Bennet, OSU Extension Small Farms Program. This presentation will discuss the basic techniques for growing and caring for various fruits and berries from planting to harvest.
  • 2:00-2:15 pm - Break
  • 2:15-3:30 pm - Session Three
    • I. Grafting Apple Trees: Bruce Gravens, Douglas County Master Gardener. Logan Bennet, OSU Extension Small Farms Program. Learn how to start your own apple tree from rootstock in this class. We will cover the basics of variety selection, rootstock selection, and making clean grafts for successful tree production! Participants in this class will graft two apple trees to take home with them. We will have several varieties of apples to choose from and will be using dwarfing rootstock.
    • J. Secrets of Growing Summer Squash, Winter Squash, and Giant Pumpkins: Chris Rusch, Douglas County Master Gardener. This class will cover the growing techniques and harvesting for getting the best summer squash, winter squash, and giant pumpkins. Many varieties that grow best in our area will be highlighted.
    • K. Spice Rack(et): Amiee Love, Douglas County Extension Master Food Preserver Coordinator. Save money and increase self-sufficiency by growing your spices. We’ll discuss several spices that can be grown in our area and the low/no-cost methods you can use to preserve them for year-round enjoyment. Everyone will leave with a special gift.
    • L. Biochar: Enhancing the Life Beneath Our Feet: Scott McKain, Douglas County Master Gardener. Scott McKain has been making and using biochar in his vegetable garden for 14 years. He will talk about the science, history, and his experiments with biochar as a soil amendment.

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