How to identify and care for False Shamrock?

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Thank you for your question! I was able to find a few different varieties for False Shamrock.

The scientific name is Oxalis triangularis, formerly Oxalis regnellii. The variety names I found are ‘Francis,’ ‘Myka,’ ‘Fanny,’ and ‘Atropurpurea.’ One source called it Oxalis regnelli var. triangularis. In that case, the variety would be ‘triangularis.’ I hope this helps!

Check out this webpage from the OSU College of Agriculture for more information on scientific plant names: Scientific Plant Names (Binomial Nomenclature)

Growing False Shamrock

Purple Shamrock Plant is an ornamental garden or houseplant that is actually native to South America. The trifoliate leaves resemble a shamrock, hence the name. As St. Patrick's Day approaches in early March, these plants are widely available in gardening stores.

Here are some care tips for False Shamrock:

  • Use a loamy potting mix with good drainage. Allow the surface to dry between waterings.
  • Place in full sun to partial shade. This plant prefers bright light.
  • If the plant goes dormant, cut back on watering and wait for new growth to appear.

Here is more information about False Shamrock:

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