Sudden Oak Death and Phytophthora ramorum: A Guide for Forest Managers, Christmas Tree Growers, and Forest Tree Nursery Operators in Oregon and Washington

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Ellen M. Goheen, Everett Hansen, Alan Kanaskie, Nancy Osterbauer, Jennifer Parke, Jay W. Pscheidt and Gary Chastagner
EM 8877 | Published April 2006, Reviewed 2018


Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death) is a significant threat to forests and nurseries on the West Coast. This publication covers history of the disease pathogen, its distribution, and life cycle. Describes disease symptoms on forest trees and shrubs. Gives detection and eradication protocols, including quarantines. Tells how to prevent spread. References to other sources of information.

About the authors

Ellen M. Goheen
Everett Hansen
Alan Kanaskie
Nancy Osterbauer
Jennifer Parke
Gary Chastagner

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