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Are fresh avocados possible here?

Can an avocado tree grow and bear fruit in the Willamette Valley?

Avocado is not hardy enough for unprotected culture in the Willamette Valley, as even the hardiest forms are considered hardy only into the low 20'sF. So they would require some sort of winter protection. In addition, they flower very early, starting in late winter-early spring and flowers are not tolerant of frost. These are challenges which would be difficult to overcome. Avocado also have two different types of flowers, called type A and type B, depending on what time of day they open and when the pollen is released, so one plant of each type would be required for pollination and fruit production. Availability of pollinators such as honeybees might be problematic during cool weather bloom. So there are some significant obstacles to getting these trees to survive and fruit.

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