Cattle Artificial Insemination School

Owyhee County Community Building

432 Nevada Ave.
Homedale, ID 83628
United States

Mar 7 - Mar 10, 2023

$350 or $150 for "tune-up"

Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by Feb 28, 2023 to Sergio Arispe: [email protected] or 541-881-1417

Our goal is to teach you a working understanding of dairy and beef cattle breeding, heat detection, and other herd management practices. The more knowledge you acquire, the better equipped you will be to meet your herd breeding goals.

  • Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology: Training will start with a thorough review of the reproductive tract, plus basic physiology.
  • Semen Handling: Proper handling is critical to ensure high conception rates. You’ll be given hands on training in proper semen storage, thawing, and handling.
  • Insemination Technique: To successfully settle cows, reduce calving intervals, and increase profit, you need practice. You will learn the easy step-by-step insemination process in the classroom. Then you’ll practice on live cattle. Through practice you’ll develop a good grasp of what to expect with your own cows.
  • Heat Detection: Accurate heat detection is the key to a successful A.I. program. We’ll teach you tips proven through research, to establish and maintain a successful heat detection program.
  • Sire Selection & Interpreting USDA Proofs: We will review basic genetics and guide you in evaluating sire information. This will help you confidently select bulls that will enhance your herd’s genetics in the next generation.
  • Design Your Own Breeding Program: Once armed with the knowledge and skills to breed your own cows, we can help you set up an effective breeding program to meet your herd’s genetic goals.

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