Vineyard Powdery Mildew Management & Fungicide Resistance Prevention Workshop

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Dec 11, 2019 9:30 am
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Join us for a full day event focused on providing you with in-depth information about powdery mildew biology, management, and ways to avoid powdery mildew forming resistance to fungicides that are currently in your disease management toolbox. This event brings together researchers from the FRAME (Fungicide Resistance Assessment, Mitigation and Extension) Network to provide the most up-to-date information about this issue in vineyard production. Lunch, refreshments, and printed materials will be provided.

Registration is required in advance and must be completed by December 2, 2019 to secure your spot. Space is limited. No walk-in registrations allowed.

ODA pesticide recertification credits available: 3 core + 3 other (6 credits total)

Topics and presenters

Powdery Mildew Biology - Alex Wong, OSU

In order to effectively manage a pest, we have to know their biology. This talk will cover key environmental factors that influence how the powdery mildew fungus develops, as well as key grapevine responses that influence how bad disease can get.

Powdery Mildew Management - Sarah Lowder, OSU

When is the best time to manage for powdery mildew, and why do certain vineyards seem to have more disease pressure than others? This talk will walk growers through basic mildew management principles, including when to do cultural and chemical intervention, and why timing is so important for disease control

Fungicide Stewardship – Best Practices - Dr. Charlotte Oliver, WSU

Fungicides are the primary tool in grape powdery mildew management. However, if they are misused, they can become ineffective. This talk will cover the basics on how fungicide resistance can become an issue in production viticulture, and how to approach designing a fungicide spray program that optimizes both disease control while maintaining the longevity of currently available products. 

Best Sprayer Practices - Dr. Michelle Moyer, WSU

All of the efforts in planning for disease management and emphasis on fungicide stewardship can be instantly lost if bad application practices occur. This talk will cover the basics for calibrating and optimizing sprayers, with an emphasis on key areas of poor sprayer maintenance and product application that can lead to disease control failures or expediate the selection of wide-spread fungicide resistance in grape powdery mildew.

Build a Spray Program - Dr. Michelle Moyer, WSU and Dr. Walt Mahaffee, USDA-ARS

This hands-on activity will divide participants into teams. Each team will be assigned a different vineyard scenario, and in 2 hours, will be asked to develop a powdery mildew fungicide program for that vineyard. Emphasis on understanding biology, weather, and fungicide resistance will be key to successfully building a program. Fungicide labels, information on how to read labels, and fungicide inventory worksheets will also be provided.

Then Defend It!  - Dr. Michelle Moyer, WSU and  Dr. Walt Mahaffee, USDA-ARS

After building a spray program, teams will be present their vineyard scenario and proposed spray program to the rest of the group. The programs will be discussed, highlighting whether or not the principles taught in the workshop were considered in the spray program design.

This program content is brought to you by the Fungicide Resistance Assessment, Mitigation and Extension Network (FRAME), a project funded by the United States Department of Agriculture –National Institute for Food and Agriculture – Specialty Crop Research Initiative Award No 2018-03375 title “FRAME: Fungicide Resistance Assessment, Mitigation and Extension Network for Wine, Table, and Raisin Grapes.”

This program is hosted and sponsored by OSU Viticulture Extension and the Oregon Wine Research Institute at Oregon State University.

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