Any tips on how to safely remove my roof carpet?


Getting rid of moss doesn’t rely on chemicals, alone. Instead, it begins with some old fashioned physical activity to remove it with a brush or broom. After moss is removed, consider applying a thin application of protective material which helps limit moss development temporarily.

General guidelines:

  • Begin by removing the moss using with either a standard bristle scrub brush or a stiff broom.
  • Don’t use any sort of high-pressure device because they degrade roof quality and longevity by removing some of the gravel layer added to the roofing during the manufacturing process.
  • After the moss has been removed, apply a commercial product which slows moss development but, at the same time, realize that nothing lasts forever. In general, it’s easier to apply liquids more evenly than powders.
  • Thin out, or remove, any vegetation overhanging or shading the roof as another preventive measure; repeat as needed.
  • These measures can be dangerous, due to the slippery surface of the roof where there is moss or algae. Carefully consider the hazards before taking on this job, and seek professional assistance when needed.

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