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Food Safety & Preservation Hotline Open for The Season


The OSU Extension Service Food Safety and Preservation Hotline starts on July 16 and ends on October 12, 2018 (M-F, 9am-4pm). Call 1-800-354-7319 (toll-free)

Guardado de frutas en conserva

OSU Extension Catalog

Esta publicación explica cómo garantizar tanto la seguridad como la calidad de las frutas frescas guardadas en conserva. Los detalles cubiertos incluyen la selección y la preparación del equipo; la preparación de manzanas, chabacanos (albaricoques), moras, cerezas, duraznos (melocotones), peras y...

Guardado de vegetales en conserva

OSU Extension Catalog

Guardar en conserva puede ser una estupenda forma de obtener el beneficio total de los vegetales de su jardín. Cuando se preparan correctamente, los alimentos retienen sus nutrientes y sabor. Si se hace en forma incorrecta, pueden ser mortales, causar enfermedades graves, o simplemente tener mal...

Making Garlic- and Herb-Infused Oils at Home

OSU Extension Catalog

Describes safe and simple procedures for flavoring oils from spices in your own garden.

Making Jerky at Home Safely

OSU Extension Catalog

Traditional jerky preparation methods, in which raw meat is dried at about 140 to 155 degrees Farenheit won't kill pathogens present in the meat. Learn the steps in making tasty meat jerky at home, including a choice of three techniques that ensure your jerky is safe to eat.

Home Freezing of Seafood

OSU Extension Catalog

Explains how stiffening (rigor mortis) and oxidation of unsaturated oils and pigments in freshly caught fish impact frozen fish quality. Describes how to clean and prepare fish (dressed, pan-dressed, steak, and fillet methods), shrimp, crab, clams, and oysters. Suggests methods of wrapping and...

Big Game from Hunt to Home

OSU Extension Catalog

Describes techniques to handle game in the field, to butcher, and to store meat.

By Dana Sanchez

Canning Smoked Fish at Home

OSU Extension Catalog

This bulletin gives instructions for lightly smoking fish in preparation for canning and for the canning process itself. Fully smoked fish, in contrast, is too dry and strongly flavored after canning.

Canning Vegetables

OSU Extension Catalog

Canning can be a great way to get full benefit from your garden vegetables. When prepared properly, foods will retain their nutrients and flavor. Done improperly, they can kill, cause serious illness, or just plain taste bad. This bulletin is designed to support the home canner with information...

Using and Caring for Your Pressure Canner

OSU Extension Catalog

Pressure canning is the only safe way to can meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. This booklet explains how to keep your pressure canner in top condition and use it safely.

Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

OSU Extension Catalog

Covers how to select equipment, prepare equipment and tomatoes, pack jars, add acid and salt, close jars, cool, test for a seal, store, and check jars for spoilage. Outlines steps for processing in pressure and boiling-water canners. Provides specific processing recommendations for seven different...

By Jeanne Brandt