Home Food Preservation

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Preserving for Special Diets - SP50-646


This provides the home food preserver information on reducing sugar and/or salt when preserving food for those with special dietary needs.

Low Salt Pickles - SP50-533


Information on how to make low salt pickles, including recipes, preparation, and processing.

Canning Soups - SP50-931


Information on how to safely can soup, including procedure and processing times. Includes recipe for clam chowder base.

Canning Checklist Bookmarks

Fact Sheet

Canning Checklist OSU Bookmarks.

By Jeanne Brandt

Pressure Canner Use and Care - SP50-649


Information about the different types and uses of home canners.

Pectin Facts - SP50-808


Pectin facts - including manufacturer contact information.

Jams and Jellies: Problems and Solutions - SP50-746


Publications provides information on common problems and solutions when making jam, jelly, and fruit preserves.

Making Berry Syrups at Home - SP50-632


How to make berry syrup - includes tips on fruit preparation, cooking, processing, and storage.

Remaking Soft Jellies - SP50-604


What to do when jam or jelly is too soft? Includes recipe to remake jam/jelly, processing, and storage.