Home Food Preservation

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Food Safety & Preservation Hotline Open for The Season


The OSU Extension Service Food Safety and Preservation Hotline starts on July 16 and ends on October 12, 2018 (M-F, 9am-4pm). Call 1-800-354-7319 (toll-free)

Guidelines of Using an Atmospheric Steam Canner for Home Food Preservation

Fact Sheet

Information on how to preserve high-acid foods in steam canner.

Canning Checklist Bookmarks

Fact Sheet

Canning Checklist OSU Bookmarks.

Pressure Canner Use and Care - SP50-649


Information about the different types and uses of home canners.

Safely Canning Foods: Pressure Canners, Pressure Cookers and Electric Pressure Cookers

OSU Extension Catalog

This illustrated fact sheet explains the difference between pressure canners, pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers. Pressure canners are recommended for food preservation but pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers are not.

By Jeanne Brandt, Nellie Oehler

Canning Timer & Checklist App

OSU Extension Catalog

This app provides abbreviated checklists and a timer to guide users in canning vegetables, fruits, meats and fish. Intended for people with previous canning experience, the app provides reminders of essential steps in the canning process. Download the free Canning Timer and Checklist app: Get...

By Jeanne Brandt

Using and Caring for Your Pressure Canner

OSU Extension Catalog

Pressure canning is the only safe way to can meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. This booklet explains how to keep your pressure canner in top condition and use it safely.