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The Laws of Salsa - SP50-1003


Guidelines for preparing and preserving safe, healthy salsa.

Preserving Cranberries - SP50-929


Publication includes information on how to preserve cranberries, including selection, freezing, and drying. Includes recipes for sauce, salsa, and chutney.

Did fresh lemon juice ruin my salsa?

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We have already made 14 pints of red salsa & are now looking at using our green tomatoes in salsa verde. I was reading a recipe on line which said you cannot use fresh lemon or lime juice for canning. That's all we used in our red version. (1/2 cup per 7 pints) I'd hate to think we'd have to throw this out! If there's a risk, can I open them, recook it and freeze it?

By Nellie Oehler