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Pickle Fact Sheet - SP50-466


Fact sheet about pickles, including types of pickles, ingredients, storing and processing

Analyzing Pickle Recipes - SP50-464

Educational Document

Fact sheet that describes the things to look in a safe pickle recipe.

Canned Vegetables: Problems and Solutions - SP50-742


Publication describes common problems and solutions when pressure canning vegetables.

The Laws of Salsa - SP50-1003


Guidelines for preparing and preserving safe, healthy salsa.

Preserving Tomatillos - SP50-768


How to preserve tomatillos, including harvesting, canning, and making salsa.

Preserving Tomatoes - SP50-920


How to preserve tomatoes, including canning, freezing, and drying. Includes recipes for ketchups and green tomato pie filling.

Preserving Pumpkins and Winter Squash - SP50-767


How to preserve pumpkin/winter squash, including harvesting, storage, canning, freezing, and drying. Includes recipes for pumpkin leather and dried pumpkin seeds.

Preserving Summer Squash - SP50-447


How to preserve summer squash/zucchini, including freezing, drying, pickling, and canning. Recipes for zucchini pickles and relish.

Preserving Peppers - SP50-454


How to preserve peppers, including canning, pickling, freezing, drying, and making jelly.

Preserving Garlic - SP50-645


How to preserve garlic - including harvesting, storage, freezing, drying, and pickling. Recipe for Pickled Garlic include.