Are you planning to plant trees? Here's an update for 2021. Availability of tree seedlings for reforestation and Christmas tree plantings are often limited.

The information below is from the 2020 newsletter article (so supplies may have changed). If you have not yet confirmed a supply of seedlings here are a few resources:

Clackamas County Farm Forestry Association Seedling Sale: The Clackamas County Farm Forestry Association is offering tree seedlings for sale to members again this year. The available stock is listed below. Inventories will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Contact Stan Beyer for more information about availability of seedlings at 503-519-5289 or email: [email protected].

Weyerhaeuser Public Seedling Sales: February in Aurora, Oregon and March in Rochester, Washington

Check the Forest Seedling Network to see if seedlings are posted for sale. As of now, there are postings showing some seedlings available for 2020, depending on your seed zone. Surplus seedlings may be posted in the next couple of months as people finish planting and find that they have a surplus.

Oregon Department of Forestry: Visit their website for more information on reforestation, and to find the latest version of Sources of Native Forest Nursery Seedlings. Nurseries in this catalog make their estimates on availability based on actual seedling counts. After the seedlings are lifted this winter, they may have extras, so it does help to get on their waiting list if they keep one.

Surplus Seedlings in February-March: After the planting season is well underway, surplus seedlings may become available. Woodland owners who have pre-ordered seedlings from their local OSWA seedling sales may have surplus bags after they finish planting. You can contact the sales chairs and ask to be notified if anyone has surplus to re-sell (Clackamas, Washington, or Columbia Counties). Likewise, large landowners sometimes have surplus seedlings at the end of the planting season. Try calling your local ODF office starting around March 1 to see whether they know of any surplus available.

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