Continuing Recovery After Wildfire

In the aftermath of the Labor Day Fires of 2020, OSU Extension and our partners are continuing to assess the damage and help landowners move forward with recovery efforts. A key part of this is mapping the area that burned and reaching out to landowners in the burned area to see what they need.

The latest data extracted from fire maps show that:

  • The fire perimeters encompass about 350,000 acres of private land, including about 70,000 acres of non-industrial or family forest land.
  • The severity of these fires in terms of tree mortality was high due to the extremely dry and windy conditions.
  • Estimates are that about two-thirds of the burned area will need reforestation. 
  • Rough estimates from forest industry representatives are in the neighborhood of 100 million new trees needed to regenerate the burn. 

A comprehensive new tool for learning how the fire burned and what lands were affected has been developed by the OSU Fire Program team. See the After the Fire Storymap

Other resources we have developed to help with recovery after wildfire area are available online, including: 

If you would like a printed copy of the resource packet, please contact us and we will mail it to you. 

OSU Extension staff or Extension volunteers are available on request for site visits as allowed by Covid restrictions. 

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