Before wildfire strikes

Wildfires make a profound impact on people, land, animals, the environment and the economy. As the population continues to increase, homes and communities expand to new rural boundaries, and fires become more a part of the changing landscape. Oregonians are faced with the challenges of preventing, preparing and recovering from wildfires.

Learn what to do BEFORE a wildfire:

  • Do you own land? A Land Manager's Guide for Creating Fire-Resistant Forests is a must-have publication. This publication provides an overview of how various silvicultural treatments affect fuel and fire behavior, and how to create fire-resistant forests. Get information on reducing hazardous fuels by thinning, pruning and other treatments.
  • Make an evacuation plan! Check out Project Wildfire's Evacuation: Make a Plan Now video.
  • Make an evacuation plan for your animals, too! One example: Evacuation Preparedness for Horses by the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Finally, find out about your county's Community Wildfire Protection Plan. CWPPs help communities address wildfire response, community preparedness, and structure protection. Through CWPPs, communities can influence how and where federal agencies reduce hazardous fuels.

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