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Thanks for your kind words about OSU Extension's "Ask an Expert" initiative. Yes, we do share interesting questions and answers in various ways:

  • Question of the Week: is a feature on Extension's home page (look for the Ask an Expert logo about the middle of the page.) Watch for the Question of the Week Archive coming soon...
  • Facebook: Answers are sometimes featured on our page.
  • Twitter: Answers are sometimes featured on our account.
  • Garden Tips posts: Ask an Expert often times inspires us to interview OSU researchers for garden advice, which we post weekly and distribute to newspapers and media outlets statewide.
  • Media Alerts: Sometimes, questions posed will alert us to specific weed infestations, or other Oregon problems that our Extension professionals can help solve. We have, in those cases, written information that media outlets can then distribute, like this post on the return of the tansy ragwort threat.

The questions are wide-ranging and the answers are research-based. I find them fascinating. I hope you do too.


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