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About this publication Growing Your Own is now available as a bilingual publication in Spanish and English!  Growing Your Own is now available as a bilingual publication in Spanish and English! It provides basic advice on a wide range of topics related to vegetable gardening, including composting, container gardens, fall/winter gardens, fertilizing, insect pests, plant diseases, planting guidelines, raised beds, site selection, slugs, soil improvement, tilling, warm-season crops, watering, and weeds. It Includes regional tips for various parts of Oregon. If you purchase this publication from the OSU Catalog, you will receive a black and white 48-page booklet with 24 pages in English and 24 pages in Spanish in the mail. If you press ‘view it now’ you will see a web version of the publication in the language you’ve selected (either English or Spanish) with the option to download and print a free 24-page PDF of the web version. You can also check with your local extension office to see if they have copies available. Spanish version of Growing Your Own Want to learn more? Take our online class! Have you ever wanted to start growing fruits and vegetables in your yard but didn’t know where to start? Are you interested in urban gardening? Do you want to start your own urban farm? By the end of OSU Extension's Urban Agriculture online program, you’ll have a detailed plan outlined and ready to put into action with the crop and site of your choice! Enroll now

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