What Can I Do with My Small Farm? Selecting an Enterprise for Small Acreages

EC 1529
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Covers the many factors involved in making decisions related to the use of small-farm property. Discusses the small farm as a hobby, an agricultural tax deferral, and a family income. Explains how to match crop choices to the farm's physical resources, such as soil type, irrigation potential, and climate, and how to choose a production technique, select traditional or specialty crops, and market crops. Emphasizes the importance of considering the family's financial resources, credit options, strengths, and goals. Includes lists of additional resources. Growing Farms Online Course: Learn how to start a successful sustainable small farm. Developed by OSU Small Farms Program faculty and other farm management experts, you will learn the essentials of designing and growing your own thriving farm business. And the entire program is available online, so you can complete it on your time, around your schedule. Turn your dream of owning and operating a small farm or ranch into a successful reality with this popular program! Enroll now

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