2018 Lane County Extension Summer/Fall Food Preservation Classes

Fruit pie fillings, mini-pies & cobblers ~ June 23; 10am-1:30pm. Learn to make your own canned fruit pie fillings using local berries/fruits. Then make mini-pies from the filling—eat now or freeze for later. Includes tips on making pie crust from scratch. Cost $35  Learn More  

Make the most out of your food dehydrator ~  July 24; 5:30-8pm. Learn the basics of food dehydration for camping and backpacking at a fraction of commercially prepared foods. Included will be fruits, veggies, soup mixes, camping meals, fruit leather, fruit drops and jerky. Cost $35  Learn More

Basics of Fermentation ~ August 21; 5:30-8pm. Learn basic fermentation including pickles, sauerkraut, Kim Chi and kombucha. Learn what equipment will be needed and how to use it. Cost $35  Learn More

Tomatoes, Salsa & More ~ September 8; 10am-1:30pm.  Learn to can, dry and freeze tomatoes, as well as making salsa, sauce and catsup. Cost $35  Learn More

Smoking and curing meats and making sausage ~ October 6; 10am-2pm. Tips for how to safely smoke meat, cheese and vegetables. Learn to cure meats and to make sausage. Cost $50  Learn More

Basic Bread Baking Class ~  October 27; 10am-1:30pm. Learn to make your own homemade bread from scratch.  One recipe does it all.  Fun, hands-on class covering the basics of mixing, kneading, and shaping all kinds of bread products.  Cost $35  Learn More

Location: Community of Christ Church 1485 Gilham Rd, Eugene

**Special:  Take 4 food preservation classes and get a $35 credit toward the 5th!!