2018 Food Preservation Classes

Classes are appropriate for beginners or seasoned preservers who wish to update their skills/knowledge.

Preserving Fruits, Jams and Pie Fillings: This is where we begin. Review how and why different methods of preservation are used, basic techniques, necessary equipment, references and resources used for preserving fruits and fruit products. 

Offered Tuesday, June 19, Tuesday, July 10, or Wednesday, August 1

Pressure Canning and Dehydrating Foods:  This class covers the safe and simple process of pressure canning vegetables and meats, including fish. Learn to use and care for your pressure canner then review tips for high-quality and nutritious dried foods. 
Offered Tuesday, July 17, Wednesday, August 8

Preserving Tomatoes & “The Laws of Salsa”:  Tomatoes are the most preserved item of produce. This class covers options for        preserving plain tomatoes, tomato sauces, juice and “The Laws of Salsa.”  Make and compare a variety of salsas in class. 
Offered Tuesday, July 24, Wednesday, August 15

Pickling: Fermenting & Quick Pickles: Pickles are gaining popularity again.  This class covers safe procedures for pickling vegetables, including fermented and fresh pack pickles, and selecting and       preparing ingredients.
Offered Tuesday, June 26, Tuesday, July 31, Wednesday, August 22

All classes are held from 6-9 p.m. at the OSU Linn County Extension office in Tangent—33630 McFarland Rd, Tangent, OR 97389. We are conveniently located on the corner of Old HWY 34 and McFarland Rd. There is lots of free parking.

Classes cost $18 each, or take the series of 4 for $60. Classes are hands-on and space is limited, so preregistration is required.        

No refunds be provided for cancellations once the series begins.

You may register online or call the Extension office at 541-967-3871 if you prefer not to use the online system and pay by check.