LCEA Legacy Scholarships

The Linn County Extension Association (LCEA) began in 1985 in response to the severe budget crisis that Linn County Extension had been experiencing. Over the years they advocated for stable funding and continued to increase understanding of the programs of the Extension Service. The association identified communicating with Extension participants as a primary concern, and supported the Extension newspaper (UPDATE – now GROWING) as the major means of communication with the residents of Linn County. Throughout the duration of the not-for-profit, funds were garnered to assist the OSU Linn County Extension Service with various projects and one of their major projects was to award scholarships for college tuition to deserving Linn County residents attending college.

After 32 years, the LCEA board dissolved the association in 2017. The LCEA Board Treasurer transferred all LCEA funds to the Linn County Treasurer to hold for OSU Linn County Extension Service’s dispersal of two (2) annual $1,000 Legacy Scholarship Awards for two successful applicants currently residing in Linn County.

The scholarship is based on residency in the geographical areas served by Linn County Extension, the applicant’s financial need, GPA of 2.75 or higher, involvement in 4-H or other Extension programs, community involvement, and/or work experience.  The deadline to apply is June 1, 2019

LCEA Legacy Scholarship application