Agriculture and Natural Resources

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Angima, Sam Assistant Dean 541-737-3742
Arp, Daniel Dean and Reub Long Professor 541-737-2331
Austin, Loretta Executive Assistant to the Dean 541-737-5813
Auyong, Jan Assistant Director, OAES 541-737-1915
Boggess, William Executive Associate Dean, Assistant Director 541-737-2331
Coakley, Stella Associate Dean 541-737-5264
Cuevas, Gretchen Administrative Manager 541-737-2405
Curtis, Shelley Manager-Curator, Art About Ag 541-737-5534
Etherington, Elizabeth Research Program Administrator 541-737-3429
Evans, Gwil Academic Wage Appointment - Salaried 541-737-0800
Fausett, Lowell Manager-Cost & Project 541-737-5903
Hackenbruck, Joshua Construction Project Manager 541-737-5913
Hartley, Betsy Director, External Relations 541-737-5822
Herring, Peg Director of Communications 541-737-9180
Loper, Joyce Associate Dean 541-737-1097
Monk, Sara Publications Editor
Morris, Lonnie Assistant to Dean 541-737-5815
Webb, Elizabeth Special Projects 541-737-5656
De Angelis, Jack Entomologist