Family and Community Health/SNAP-Ed

106 Ballard Extension Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
United States

Office fax

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Adams, Vincent Community Educator 541-737-2105
Antolin, Benjamin Family & Community Health Faculty Research Assistant
Bowman, Sally SNAP-Ed Program Leader 541-737-1020
Braverman, Marc Research and Evaluation Specialist 541-737-1021
Caplan, Shannon Rural Community Explorer Program Coordinator, Special Projects 541-737-2105
Crowley, Teresa Family & Community Health Coordinator 541-737-1014
Deck, Kim Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-0954
Draper, Brenda Administrative Program Assistant 541-737-1011
Dunker, Katie Walk with Ease 541-737-3173
Gunter, Kathy Physical Activity Specialist 541-737-3624
Jepson-Sullivan, Rose SNAP-Ed Statewide 971-361-9631
John, Deborah Population Health and Place Specialist 541-737-1405
Jones, Erin Family & Community Health Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-0954
Lewis, Karley Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-3476
Patton-López, Mēgan Family & Community Health Research Associate 541-250-6011
Plata, Michelle SNAP-Ed Education Program Coordinator 541-737-8275
Renfro, Debi SNAP-Ed Compliance Coordinator 541-737-1012
Riportella, Roberta Associate Dean, Outreach & Engagement 541-737-1737
Russell, Stephanie SNAP-Ed Coordinator 541-574-6534 x25
Schrumpf, Elaine 541-737-1018
Sektnan, Michaella Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-0954
Sonnenberg, Linnea Gerontology Conference Assistant Coordinator 541-737-0997
Taylor, Rocci Events/Office Management 541-737-0997
Tobey, Lauren Nutrition Education Program Coordinator 541-737-1017
Tominey, Shauna Parenting Education Specialist 541-737-1013
Vasdev, Sunita OSU Gerontology Conference Coordinator 541-737-2261
Washburn, Bridget Family & Community Health Office Specialist 541-737-1019
Winfield, Tammy GROW Faculty Research Assistant 541-737-4542
Wong, Siew Sun Nutrition 541-737-5855
Ceraso, Marion
Smith, Michelle Physical Activity Outreach Coordinator
Lue, Abigail
Santana, Rosario Family & Community Health Administrative Program Assistant
Walsh, Carol Outreach Program Coordinator
Sranna, Shamanjit Kaur
Pratt, Megan Assistant Professor of Practice 541-737-5373
Smith, Paul SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant 541-730-3540
Walsh, Lilah Education Program Assistant
Etuk, Lena Social Demographer