Hatfield Marine Science Center

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Collson, Maureen Visitor Center Manager 541-867-0159
Crews, Tracy Marine Education Manager 541-867-0329
Doyle, Colleen Senior Aquarist 541-961-9512
Farley, Mark Tech Specialist 541-207-5283
Fowler, Renee Volunteer Coordinator 541-867-0226
Goodwin, Caitlin STEM Communication & Quests Coordinator 541-867-0233
Hanshumaker, William Chief Scientist 541-867-0167
Hawes, Kathryn Marine Education Assistant 541-867-0233
Hunter, Nancee Director of Education 541-867-0357
Miller-Morgan, Tim Extension Veterinarian-Aquatic Pets 541-867-0265
Rowe, Shawn Free Choice Learning Program Leader 541-867-0190
Stetson, Sid Research Aquarist 309-269-5607
Sullivan, Kelly Faculty Research Assistant, Cyber Lab 256-225-8236
Torres, Leigh Marine Mammals 541-867-0895
Landkamer, Dave Sea Grant Aquaculture Extension Specialist