Klamath County Extension/Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center

6923 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
United States

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

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Office fax

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Baley, Katy 4-H Education Program Assistant 541-883-7131
Baley, Nichole Faculty Research Assistant 541-883-4590
Carroll, Sophia Office Specialist 541-883-7131
Case, Patty Family & Community Health 541-883-7131
Charlton, Brian Potato Faculty Scholar 541-883-4590
Cheyne, Vincent Farm Facilities Manager 541-883-4590
Davis, Jamie Regional Director - Southern Region 541-947-6054
Hottman, Karen SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant 541-883-7131
Tracy, Tracy County Leader, Administrative Office Manager 541-883-7131
Leavell, Dan Assistant Professor of Practice 541-883-7131
Lopez, Emily Faculty Research Assistant 541-883-7131
Morrow, Guy Bio Science Research Technician 541-883-7131
Mulleneix, Paolina SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant 541-883-7131
Rabbiosi, Nicole Office Specialist 541-883-4590
Reed, Traci 4-H Program Coordinator 541-883-7131
Sanchez, Nicole Horticulture 541-883-7131
Schooler, Janice Office Specialist 541-883-7131
Silberstein, Diane SNAP-Ed 541-883-7131
Silberstein, Tom Faculty Research Assistant 541-883-4590
Todd, Stacey Nutrition Education Program Assistant 541-883-7131
McGregor, Ian Assistant Professor, Livestock & Irrigation, Open Campus Coordinator, Klamath County
Buckley, Misty Office Specialist 541-883-4590