Lane County Extension

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Anderson, Emily 4-H Program Coordinator 541-344-5043
Ashley, Denise Office Specialist - Business Operations 541-246-3401
Chernoh, Erica Horticulture Assistant Professor of Practice, Commercial and Community Horticulture 541-344-1709
Choate, Jeff Horticulture 541-344-1709
Cruickshank, Jenifer Dairy Management 971-600-1222
Dowrie, Elizabeth Family & Community Health/SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant 541-344-0249
Drewes, Jillian SNAP-Ed/EFNEP/Family & Community Health Education Coordinator 541-344-0249
Driscoll, Patty Administrative Program Assistant 541-844-7796
Eccleston, Jet Horticulture Education Program Assistant, Master Gardeners 541-344-5859
Fery, Melissa Small Farms 541-730-3538
Filley, Shelby Regional Livestock & Forage 541-236-3016
Grand, Lauren Forestry 541-579-2150
Guevara de Ayala, Rosamaria EFNEP/Family & Community Health Education Program Assistant 541-344-0249
Mastrandrea, Donna Office Specialist, 4-H/Nutrition Education Program 541-344-0249; 541-344-5043
McDonald-Williams, Emily 4-H Education Program Assistant 541-344-5043
McSilvers, Shirley SNAP-Ed Education Program Assistant 541-344-0249
Moran, Teagan Small Farms Education Program Assistant 541-713-5011
Oehler, Nellie Master Food Preservers/Family & Community Health 541-344-4885
Wells, Nicole Office Specialist 541-344-5859
Riggs, Richard Regional Director - Western Region 503-269-6389
Penhallegon, Ross Horticulture Extension Specialist
Patterson, Pat Program Assistant in Horticulture
Fallihee, Rebecca Education Program Assistant
Mack, Carrie Office Specialist