Oregon Sea Grant Extension

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Adams, Linda Fiscal Officer, Administrator - Unit Business Operations 541-737-3209
Chan, Samuel Watersheds & Aquatic Invasive Species 541-737-1583
Conway, Flaxen Community Outreach 541-737-1339
East, Jenny Boating Outreach Coordinator, Clean Vessel Act Program 503-821-1117
Hansen, David Program Leader, Sea Grant 541-737-2737
Kleibacker, Megan Assistant to the Director 541-737-8715
Kolesar, Sarah Research & Fellowship Program Leader 541-737-8695
McBride, Catherine Administrative Program Specialist 541-737-8692
Rowe, Shawn Free Choice Learning Program Leader 541-867-0190
Siemens, Tania Watershed and Invasive Species Education Program Coordinator 541-737-1583
Stevenson, John Climate Specialist 541-737-5689
Walker, Shelby Director 541-737-6200
Woods, Tiffany Communication Manager 541-737-2940
Koett-Cronn, Adrienne
Cooper, Rick
Doerr, Angee Marine Fisheries Educator 541-648-6816