Outreach and Engagement / Extension Administration

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Alexander, Jennifer Director, Extension and Experiment Station Communications 541-737-0808
Bauer, Rita Assistant to Outdoor School Program Leader 541-737-4391
Bielenberg, Amanda Conference & Events Manager 541-737-1581
Curtis, Elsa Administrative Program Assistant 541-737-1346
Dickson, Marcia Regional Operations Coordinator 541-737-8406
Elliott, Kristopher Assistant Director, OSU Extension Service, Outdoor School Program Leader 541-737-4567
Fonseca, Ana Lu Assistant Director of Diversity 541-737-3439
Gillis, Tiffany Fiscal Officer 541-737-3994
Houglum, Lyla Executive Director, Western Extension Directors Association 541-737-9920
Russell, Jackie Executive Assistant to Vice Provost of University Outreach & Engagement 541-737-1382
Shirley, Lindsey University Outreach & Engagement Associate Provost 541-737-2711
Tarrant, Kim Assistant to Associate Provost 541-737-1388
Brooks, Spirit Research, Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator 541-737-2391
Hymes, Kaylyn Administrative Coordinator 541-737-1385
Jones, Charissa Outreach and Inclusion Coordinator 541-737-1333
O'Neill, Renee Curriculum and Professional Development Coordinator 541-737-7599
Hoffman, Amy Regional Coordinator 541-552-6404
Cuddy, Sarah Regional Coordinator
Lyon, Benno Regional Coordinator
Davis, Lee Executive Director of the Outdoor Economy Initiative
Morrice, Meredith Strategic Engagement Manager of the Outdoor Economy Initiative
Azarenko, Anita Interim Vice Provost-University Outreach & Engagement 541-737-2713
Johnson, Andrea Office Specialist 541-737-7599