University Administrative Business Center

Faculty and staff

Name Title Office Phone
Arredondo, Aracely Finance Coordinator 541-737-0669
Breen III, Jack P. UABC Business Center Manager 541-737-5909
Casselberry, Jo Ann Grants/Contracts Technician 541-737-2424
Chase, Kathy Accountant 541-737-6521
DeVoe, John Buyer 541-737-1284
Frye, Laura Fiscal Coordinator 541-737-8732
Larsen, Sandra Grants & Contracts Coordinator 541-737-0916
Lopez, Michelle Human Resource Consultant 541-737-3768
Nutt, Carleen Human Resource Consultant 541-737-5224
Turner, Shane Human Resource Manager 541-737-8387
Johnson, Priscilla Contracts and Finance