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Class Information and Mentoring

Classroom Training

The Traditional Apprentice Beekeeper level includes access to classroom instruction. We offer in-person classes across Oregon. If you are unable to attend because of distance or scheduling conflicts, online versions of the classes are available. Getting Started Apprentice students may access the online classes. 


We currently offer classes in the following locations (subject to change):

Bend, Boise ID, Clackamas, Corvallis, Eugene, Hermiston, Hood River, East Portland, and Pierce County WA. 

Our Instructors

An OMB instructor is responsible for supporting the classroom portion of the Apprentice certification program.  

We provide training for instructors at our annual Instructor Summit, held in conjunction with the Oregon State Beekeepers Association conference each fall. 

Basic Qualifications

  • Certification as an OMB Apprentice
  • 3 or more years current beekeeping experience
  • Ability to provide students with program content in an unbiased manner
  • Demonstrable comfort level when speaking in front of a group
  • Demonstrate knowledge of techniques relevant to teaching adult learners in a classroom setting
  • Willingness to research questions/inquiries when the answer is not known
  • Ability to spend necessary time to prepare for an instruct program material

Note: Serving as an OMB Instructor earns 2 points per hour of instruction toward those required for Journey or Master Certification.

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