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'Getting Started' Apprentice Student FAQ

Q: I created a Canvas Visitor Account to watch the online classes, but I'm unable to log in. 

A: Be sure that you are logging in to the Canvas Visitor Account page. The main Canvas login page is for OSU employees and students. 

Q:  How do I change my password?

A:  Everyone was assigned a generic password when accounts were created. To change this, log in to the Reporting System. Click the tab ‘My User Profile’ and you will be prompted to create a new password.

Q:  Where can I find the Apprentice Exam?

A:  When you log in to the Reporting System, select ‘Apprentice Documents’ from the Apprentice Menu. Scroll down until you find the Apprentice Exam, or enter “exam” in the search field. Click view and save a copy of the pdf to your computer.

Q:  Do I have to wait until classes have ended to take the exam?

A:  No, you may work on the exam any time you are ready. It is open book and untimed.

Q:  How do I get ‘In the Bees’ experience for my ‘Getting Started’ certification?

A:  Local beekeeping associations are a great resource for this. Sign up to attend a field day, go to a meeting and ask to observe someone working their bees, or ask about local events. Friday in the Apiary is also an option if you live in the Corvallis area (see below). There is also a Saturday in the Apiary run out of the Central Oregon beekeepers association.

Q:  How do I record my progress in the program?

A:  Class hours and ‘In the Bees’ points should be entered directly into the Reporting System. The exam can be uploaded to the System - see question above. Log sheets included in your student folder should be used as a hard copy for your records. Please refer to the document ‘OMB Website Highlights’ included in your student folder.

Q: I heard there is an in-person OMB Apprentice class in my area. Why do ‘Getting Started’ students only attend online classes?

A:  Our in-person classes (where available) are geared towards those with some beekeeping experience, as basic vocabulary and concepts won’t be covered. There will be a live-streamed discussion forum available each month for you to ask questions, so stay tuned! Additionally, space limitations require that we limit our in-person class attendance to those in the Traditional apprentice program. If you continue on with a mentor the following year, you may attend these classes!

Q:  Only 10 online class attendance points are required, but I attended all 16 hours of instruction. What happens to those extra points?

A: 10 hours is a minimum, but we encourage everyone to attend or watch all of the classes!

Q: The lectures are broken up into smaller videos online. How do I record these on my attendance log?

A: Don't worry about recording Lecture 1.1, 1.2, etc. A simple entry that lists "Lecture 1 - 1.75 hours" is sufficient. We just need a snapshot of your course attendance and don't need an extremely detailed accounting. Remember to upload this information to the Reporting System!

Q:  How do I access the recorded classes?

A:  Currently, these classes are still in development. When available for viewing (January 2020), program admin will send an email with specifics on how to access the classes online.

Q: I’m watching the online classes, but have a question. How do I get it answered?

A:  Each online class will have an associated discussion board for you to post your question. Additionally, we are working on developing a way to have a monthly online live-streamed forum at OSU where you can ask questions. Stay tuned for more details!

Q:  Is there a deadline for me to finish my ‘Getting Started’ requirements?

A:  Yes, if you would like to have a mentor assignment the following year. In this case, your ‘Getting Started’ requirements need to be finished and submitted no later than June 30th.

Q:  How do I enroll to have a mentor next year?

A:  When you have finished your ‘Getting Started’ requirements (see above question), you will need to place yourself on the Apprentice Waiting List. You will be prompted to specify that you are a ‘Getting Started’ student who has finished their requirements – this flags your record and puts you as top priority for available mentor assignment. This is an essential step!

Q:  When will I know if I have been assigned a mentor?

A:  We will contact you regarding mentor assignment in September. At that point, we will have you fill out an Apprentice application and collect the remaining $75 fee.

Q: How do I sign up to attend Friday in the Apiary (FITA)?

A: FITA is an in-person event held monthly on the OSU campus in conjunction with the OSU Honey Bee Lab. Visit the main Oregon Master Beekeeper website and scroll down to the Friday in the Apiary link on the left menu bar. From there, you can register to be on the notification/mailing list for FITA. Each month, an email will be sent to you with a mandatory RSVP link. Space is limited!

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