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Alert: The presence of HPAI, a highly contagious, deadly disease in domestic poultry, has been confirmed in Oregon.

HPAI is a highly contagious, deadly disease in domestic poultry.

Gardeners are often the first ones to spot important environmental changes, including pests and disease. You are on-the-ground community scientists.

Are you raising chickens? Know four things:

  1. Be aware of this novel disease;
  2. Practice biosecurity, especially and including keeping wild waterfowl out of contact with domesticated poultry;
  3. Tracking cases is critical. The Oregon Department of Agriculture asks bird owners to report unusual increases in illness or death rates in their flocks;
  4. If you find a sick or dead bird, don’t touch it, report it.

For more information about HPAI, symptoms, biosecurity and how you can protect your flock please visit ODA’s avian influenza webpage in English and in Spanish (also linked below).

Read ODA’s news release regarding the recent detection of HPAI in Oregon.

Regarding waterfowl: If you find a sick or dead wild bird, call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: 866-968-2600

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